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School Contracts


We are available to help you meet the needs of your students. We can provide services as primary, secondary, or tertiary providers. We are also able to cover short-term and long-term leaves. 

Why work with No Boundaries Remote Solutions?

  1. We have speech pathologists experienced with both school-based and teletherapy services

  2. We're a small, therapist-owned company.

  3. Our personalized support team is here to help with any questions/concerns

  4. Students are highly motivated by technology

  5. Our students are meeting their goals and realizing increased success in the classroom.

What School-Based Services do you offer?

  • Evaluations Only

  • Therapy Only

  • Both evaluations and therapy

  • Consultations

  • IEP Meetings

  • SLP-A Supervision

  • Teacher In-Services

What will you need?

Access to a computer or tablet, as well as a wi-fi connection. Schools will need to provide an “e-helper” or facilitator to assist students during speech therapy evaluations and/or therapy sessions. These professionals are typically a para-professional or student teacher.


We cater our school contracts to meet the needs of each individual school/district. Please reach out for a free consultation to discuss how we can meet your needs!

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Ready to get started?

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