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Helpful Information

What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is speech and language therapy delivered through a high quality video platform. Our therapists use a HIPAA compliant Zoom platform to deliver engaging and individualized therapy for each client. 

What equipment do I need?

You will need a computer or tablet and access to a good WIFI connection. That’s it!

Is teletherapy effective?

Yes! Teletherapy is a research-based service delivery model. For most children, teletherapy services are just as effective as in-person services. 

What are the benefits of teletherapy?

Benefits of online speech therapy include: access to qualified therapists, reduced/eliminated waitlists, no commute, no waiting rooms, greater flexibility in scheduling, parent/caregiver involvement, and ability to conduct therapy in a location that is most convenient to the client.

Will parents/caregivers need to be present at each session?

Yes. Parents/caregivers need to be present in the home during each session. Parent involvement is encouraged to promote carryover of new skills learned. For older children, parents may need to be present to facilitate logging into the session and troubleshooting any technical difficulties that may arise. For younger children, parents may need to take a more active role in participating and facilitating the session, including sitting with them for the duration of the session.

What are your rates?

We accept private pay clients and a growing list of insurances. Please contact us for more information. 


One-On-One Therapy Sessions

Speech, Fluency, Language, Social Skills, Feeding & Swallowing, AAC, Executive Functioning, Parent/Caregiver Coaching

30 minute session: $90

60 minute session: $150



  •  Speech Only Evaluation: Includes one of the following areas:  Fluency, Articulation, Feeding/Swallowing  60 minutes  $175

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: 90 minutes $250

  • AAC Evaluation 120 minutes:  $350

Does my child need speech/language therapy?

Here are some signs that your child may benefit from skilled speech/language therapy. This is not a comprehensive list. If you have ANY concerns regarding your child’s communication or feeding/swallowing abilities, please reach out to us for a free consultation to see if online speech/language therapy is right for your child. 


Was/is your child delayed in reaching certain developmental milestones?

Are you concerned your child’s speech/language is behind other kids their age?

Do friends or other family members struggle to understand what your child is saying?

Does your child become frustrated when trying to communicate?

Does your child struggle to produce words or sounds?


Does your child have difficulty with answering questions?

Is your child able to retell a story or something that happened during their day?

Does your child have difficulty with grammar or word order?

Is your child frequently using short, nondescript phrases?

Does your child struggle with planning, prioritizing, or following through with tasks?

Does your child struggle to appropriately pay attention to a variety of tasks?


Does your child have difficulty interacting with other children?

Is your child able to read other people’s emotions and recognize their own emotions?

Can your child participate in a conversation? 

Can your child easily take turns in play, games, and conversation?


Do you think your child would benefit from an alternative form of communication (e.g., pictures or an AAC device)?

Is your child unable to communicate effectively? 

Does your child already have an AAC device and you have no idea how to use it or program it?


Is your child a “picky eater”?

Are they unable to chew/eat certain types of foods?

Does your child currently receive their nutrition through a G-tube/NG tube, or have they ever? 

Are you concerned about your child’s feeding/swallowing skills?

Is your child having difficulty gaining/maintaining weight? 

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